Game Jam Loops & Sketches

Game jams are great! Nothing is better than having no time to do something and actually finish something.

Most of these pieces were composed in short bursts using bosca ceoill and audacity to hack things together.

With the exception of bl1nd and Hydra which used ableton live.

Playnormous Game Soundtracks

Playnomrous was a website focused on casual games about health and nutrition geared towards elementary school children.

Most of these pieces were composed towards the end of a games design cycle. the music was meant to be whimsical and playful and intrusive. It was neccesary that the music loop even it was an intro.

Inspiration came from toy music and Yo La Tengo's Sounds of the Sounds of Science.

Family Eats Webisodes

A set of 8 webisodes about healthy eating and nutrition with a sitcom story bent.

The entirety of this music was composed in the span of two weeks as animations and overdubs got locked in.

I set about choosing some simple instrumentations and went going for some blend of swampy muscle shoals music.

Short Video Scores

Soundtracks mostly made with a casio sk1 and an ealry Digital Video Camera. I use to put my lineout directly into the camera and edit the sound together in Final Cut Pro 2. I'm not sure if you would call these ambient or what but here they are.

Combat was made using an atari synthcart made by Paul Slocum of treewave fame. I think it is probably heavily dependent on one of the loops or samples preprogrammed in.