Mckee Frazior loves cute furry animals and evil robots. He has pledged his life to quelling the class struggle between these two warring factions. His tireless efforts were recognized by the CFACLU (Cute Furry Animals Civil Liberties Union) when deposed monarch Her Majesty Bunny Foofoo VIII honored him with the Peter “The Great” Cottontail award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

This fortunate event allowed him to pursue his studies of all things furry and mechanical. Mckee graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2002 with a BFA in Studio Art and later was part of the first class to attend the Guildhall@SMU Graduate Program.

He completed his studies and refocused upon the ongoing conflict. Mckee moved to Houston at the behest of RADL (Robot Anti-Defamation League). Gort the Magnificent (movie robot turned respected league leader) charged him with creating public propaganda that furthers understanding and empathy for this chaotic cultural conflict.

Mckee uses his scant free time to peruse his tastes in music, cinema, design, and interactive art. One day he hopes that all cute furry animals, be they small or large, carnivore or herbivore, can lay down their claws and become true brothers with their mechanized oppressors.